Cold Winter Eyes

~Cold Winter Eyes~ X - 7-2-2017

She gets up every morning,

she drinks a cup of coffee

There’s a face inside the mirror

and a thousand broken pieces

The cold moon surely freezes,

all hope attends the rainbow

And life just passes by

cold winter eyes.


She’s had some kids and husbands,

they send her cards and pictures

Lots of letters full of kisses,

she reads between the lines

The darkness comes upon her

as she reads the empty pages

And her heart is cold as ice

cold winter eyes


There’s a cold, cold, cup of coffee

and an old and broken mirror

a pile of worthless ashes

where once there was a fire

And the spirit is the reason,

what sad and broken angel

Whose wings will never fly

cold winter eyes


When death stands in the doorway,

all promises are broken

And the shadow of a woman

living in the mirror

The cold moon surely freezes

as she cries into the winter

And tears freeze in her eyes,

cold winter eyes


© 2017 artwork, music and words

conceived by and property of

Tom (WordWulf) Sterner 2017 ©

via ~songs~


About wordwulf website:
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