Curse of Days

~Curse of Days~ X - 6-13-2017

Life don’t teach, amount to much

Children, it’s a slice of bread

It don’t hurt when the fist comes down

drop you to your knees, your head

Something breaking deep inside

Children, take your breath away

Fear is borne, ain’t no good to cry

born into a curse of days


Growing up, a battleground

Children, it’s a slice of hell

Detention, take your punishment

No one gets inside your shell

Walls grow thick and deep and wide

Children, hide your love away

Bite the sky, any helping hand

go messin’ with your curse of days


Tattooed tear, a pound of flesh

Children, it’s a man, a cage

Ain’t nothin’ like that closin’ door

make temper, set the lines of rage

Angel call it, a whistle down

Children, he got dues to pay

Sun don’t shine on the prison man

living out his curse of days


Line moves slow, a lady cries

Children, it’s a loaded gun

She can’t stop

Yeah, she kiss his face

the dead eyes of her fallen son

Ya move along

we plant ‘em deep

Children, we got hands of clay

Beginning and the in between

the end, we got our curse of days


© 2017 artwork and words conceived by and property of

Tom (WordWulf) Sterner 2017 ©

via ~songs~ – Tom (WordWulf) Sterner


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