Haunting Me

5-4-2017 - Haunting Me X

My sons’ guitars

play through me in waves

They are my life quest

our music

making more of me than I am

Feels pretty damned good

just for a minute

seems like everything is okay

Then I come back to earth

take a quick look around

Ah hell it ain’t


Haunting Me


Thinkin’ ‘bout endings

about going away

Unanswered questions

they are promises broken

They are lies left unspoken

they are haunting me


Down in the city

‘round a fire left burning

flames of society

maybe hands in a prayer

maybe blood of the slayer

maybe haunting me


Round in the chamber

a far random target

bullets come tumbling

surely messengers running

surely vengeance forthcoming

surely haunting me


Death on a thimble

we been taking it easy

any way we can get it

on a fast road to nowhere

on a death horse we go there

on a haunting me



you are

a vision of Sunday

a river of falling

a chant in the evening

a dry well of wanting

the church of my haunting

church of my haunting

church of my haunting me



Inquiries: wordwulf@gmail.com

© 2017 artwork, music & words

conceived by & property of

Tom (WordWulf) Sterner 2017 ©

via ~songs~ – Tom (WordWulf) Sterner


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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