Good Words

4-19-2017 ~Good Word~

I have never met a word I didn’t like, started writing stuff in second grade near as I can remember. As soon as I was able to round up a few of those critters (words), I began the process of arranging them in pen sentences and paragraph corrals. That was sixty years ago. They escaped their cages, crawled into my brain. What follows is a few of “the good ones” I have taken out for a walk lately.4-19-2017 ~Epiphany~



There it is


in the eyes of the newborn child

a reflection of every face adoring

gazing upon the awesome wonder of life4-19-2017 -Destiny~



Neither manifest, shared or preordained

instantaneous and momentous

as unpredictable as a choice made

at an unknown crossroad

resultant of actions

promises made and kept

or not

and ghosts’ breath

nuances of providence4-19-2017 ~Whimsy~



Children are whimsical masters

We may relearn from them

allow our spirits to guide us by simply

(though it is not simple at first)

letting go

as in following a kitten chasing a butterfly

strolling leisurely through a lightning storm

acting on a whim

an impulse

releasing fear and restraint as if they don’t exist

and suddenly they do not4-19-2017 ~Truth~



whose absence is an intolerable burden to bear,

has a tendency to work its way through stacks of lies

and reach the top where it belongs.

A noble purpose, the seeking of truth while maintaining

the integrity to ask of others only that

which you give freely yourself.4-19-2017 - ~Wisdom~



whose face

is an incalculably steep

stone mountain edifice

we are challenged to ascend

our rate of ascendency proportionate

to the patience and lessons we learn

on the journey

that we may reach the clouds

deepest earth

then welcome wisdom as a reach

whose humble rewards are many

from the lesson of learning to accept life as it is

to security in the concept of infinity at face value4-19-2017 ~Fear~



recognized as

a vital response to danger


intuitive and learned

through experience and reasoning

a necessary tool in the art of survival

mastering and trusting our instincts

when to stand and fight

cut and run

Pride and curiosity are poor messengers

whose voices may serve a meddling vanity

in the face of dire reality4-19-2017 ~Enchantment~



is the aura encompassing

a word I use to describe what I feel

whenever I think of them

especially when I am with them

my children and grandchildren

I have been under their spell all my adult life

fascinated and charmed

by their existence

our connection

We are gifted of generation

with an inclination to believe in magic

as we do in each other

old and young/hand in hand

‘neath the all-encompassing

spiritual umbrella of family4-19-2017 ~Promises~



Given careful consideration

before they are offered

what gift compares

to promises made held and kept


A treasure doubled

when vouchsafed to self

for example:

A vow to be more kind to others

to heighten your awareness

in respect to their space and feelings

A simple hello may kindle a fire

to feed the spirit within

Elation you see because acts of kindness

is a reward in and of itself

known only and kept

by the actions of the maker

the warmth of keeping

validation of doing


© 2017 artwork, music & words

conceived by & property of

Tom (WordWulf) Sterner 2017 ©

via Tom (WordWulf) Sterner – ~buy stuff~


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