~Subterranean Junket~


there’s a white woman in the room


you can’t judge speed from a distance

come on down


there is no ending

but I do appreciate your rejection

beauty abounds on the face of youth



tiger loose in the woods

midnight fisherwoman

lines on water



she hid her spirit

sun-streaks on the garden


will of masters


a tongue in the cave

tasteless commentary

witness wisdoms

damned to be thirsty


fellow witnesses

all hail

bride of Satan

to wings aspire


shallow aurora

shadow of Eos

no time like now

something fishy swim


I don’t understand you


your applause

might unearth me


respite of tyrants

from mouths of babes




a mother to strangers

orphans of choice

voice of descent

six cubed down


decision to wear my motor

a free & separate passion

dizzying rain

dithery doo


unclear as stark light

a bug on the windscreen

this dream sequence

leggy bits of goo


the cueing of partners

frazzling thread bits

bananas on a plate

speaking of winter


four times a dollar

quarters of century

ill spent years

praying for mother


who will hold us up

robbers upon closing

death is a whip

nine bells down


prisoners of light

moth conspiracy

war men fan the flames

sense of dignity


left & right crosses

requirements of requiem

asleep in the choir

voice deeper than stone


let us taste his beans

the door of opportunity

three winds in a vacuum

outside waiting four more


we were passed by Dilbert

a tin-can tuna melt

tryin’ to live in the hills

a writer of camp songs


she has fish eyes

ducks swimming ‘cross the sky

each drawer wears a masque

alone in the room


life is a crossties step

footstep on the moon

sadder than spilt water

funnel of mercy


she listens to voices

owls sleep in the afternoon

for a slice of white bread

dreams of the kill


intent of counterpoint

duelists in the dawn

portrait silhouette

the baby is crying


a city on the move

weeping of mountains

witless romantic

the emperor sighs


legends of god-speak

thin binding flesh

momma’s smoking a cigarette

laughter from the whiskey bar


we slept in a roadhouse

the moon is at seven

with some consideration

a sharing of wounds


raccoons crossing the yard

the wife & I drank tea

her personal favorite

what children don’t know


the clamor of legion

awaiting window

wooden never bored

phat pulpit dancers


he was eight parts wisdom

the rest must come before

a howling of madmen

presumptuous creed


there are more white cars

China is down under

kangaroos are not

whiskey men philosophers


the angel risks


shoestring around her throat

progression of aims


don’t hold me up

sharpen your whistle

lay down your weapons

anticipate this


the little man is unbelted

we got laws to prove you

three times protector

bullet in the brain


ain’t no wax dummy

there are porcelain lips

who sings the heart song

we are too sick to beg


she would rather walk

paddle canoe oar else

come fathom the morrow

we is in too deep


time out for prayers

they’re digging trenches

television snowstorm

resolute madness


an eye on the storm

shuffling gait

twisted scenario



teasing the pickpocket

no crowd control

so help us god money

fresh folding


when praying is preying

man beneath the robe

don’t climb into the box

willing prisoner


we police ourselves

1-800-to snitch

you ain’t no bargain basement

small wonder price we pay


nestled on a hill

hugged in a closet

children are glad houses

ante up everyone wins


traffic is a phat truck

a snail crawls our brain

either no leftovers

or that’s all there is


a treatise on selling out

snowmen in the dark

stick figures & angels

homesick at home


a juried selection

prisoners executed at dawn

the art of living

& of living art


an eager applicant

bottom line aficionados

three monkeys for lunch

acute indigestion


mother spoon nipple

simple garden rape

pure of poison

deadliest sin


don’t make those faces

injurious by design

listen to the song of your loins

a children’s choir


a lavender sunrise

midnight promises

house of whispers

where lovers reside


nothing is perfect

errant drift of cloud life

change is on the wind

a likening to sorrow


something’s eating his brain

doubt & melancholy no

not what might have been

what must have been yes



Inquiries: wordwulf@gmail.com

© 2017 artwork music & words

conceived by & property of

tom (WordWulf) sterner 2017 ©

via ~philosophy~ – Tom (WordWulf) Sterner


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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