~philosophy~ – Tom (WordWulf) Sterner


Sometimes we take our yesterdays for granted, the good deeds of everyday people accepted & expected as a status quo minimizing the importance of the friendly phone call, the warm hug received at ‘just the right moment, just when it is needed it most.’


When I’m feeling down, your face appears, unbidden, in the theater of my mind. Just the thought of you makes me feel better, more significant. A smile visits my lips. I realize how precious friendship is, the value of the emotional hug I have just received, the need fulfilled, to know I am appreciated by a fellow human being.


Our friendship defies definition, what mere words might convey. It is no coincidence. It defines us, has taken on a life of its own from behind the crumbling curtains of my daily existence. It peeked out & suggested I tell you,  thank you for the phone calls, the emails, the hugs, your spontaneous guest appearances on the stage of my emotions.


Message from/to a Friend was published by Black Widow’s Web of Poetry 2002



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Tom (WordWulf) Sterner 2016 ©

via ~philosophy~ – Tom (WordWulf) Sterner


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