~it is about~

~it is about tomorrow~
~all the tomorrow moments~
~we will live without you~
~you are there all the more~
~because you are gone~
~it is about forgiving~
~you, for shocking the peace of our living~
~taking yourself from us~
~for not understanding~
~how very much we needed you~

~it is about your pain~
~the pieces, apart from our sharing~
~the path your sweet steps would follow~
~it is about our guilt~
~our inability to comprehend your depth~
~the closed walls you made~
~the doors we didn’t hear closing~

~it is about goodbye~
~the salt in the tear on your cheek~
~the soft breath of your living~
~no waving hand, no parting kiss~
~just goodbye~
~it is about acceptance~
~what you were is what we are~
~& what you will always be to us~
~the good love & times we shared~
~it is about you~

Inquiries: wordwulf@gmail.com
©2014 graphic artwork music & words
conceived by & property of
tom (WordWulf) sterner 2014©


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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