~lament tres angel~

~lament tres angel~

~what on earth are they doing~
~she wonders at some clatter of arms~
~the sky, a thunder forgotten~
~a new wind ~
~some vile manmade thing~
~plucking birds from the air~
~aftermath, season of dread~
~fear of retaliation~
~children gone running in circles~
~this war they name religion~
~what gods do they know~
~who make such a thing holy~
~she smells the burning of ribbon~
~father, they’ve come set fire to my hair~

~some wield a mighty hammer of tongue~
~others lie by the sword~
~it doesn’t really matter~
~to those of us on the ground~
~whom death would choose it takes~
~love & happiness; it is money~
~power & control; it is money~
~gas car back seat hump; it is money~
~color of skin; it is money~
~blind eyes, face of god; it is money~
~child, wipe your eyes on my sleeve~
~turn your head away, away~
~they are raining us down~
~ah, they’ve come set fire to your hair~

© artwork, music & words conceived by
& property of tom (WordWulf) sterner 2014©
~inquiries: wordwulf@gmail.com


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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