~above & beyond~

~We read about and are preached to about acceptable losses, reasonable expectations, necessary prevention, raids and incursions, looking at the big picture. These and many other clichés are used regularly to justify the bombing of cities, the slaughter of innocents. Maybe there is something…~

~above & beyond~
~the sky & tears~

~children suffering~
~villages peopled~
~by ghosts~
~of fresh slaughter~
~naked gunmen~
~pissing on the edge of dawn~
~children suffering~

~children playing~
~amongst carcasses~
~fighter jets & smart bombs~
~the maimed stand by~
~leaning on crutches~
~they hop like crows~
~children playing~

~children watching~
~camels & halftracks~
~one-handed beggars~
~clapping an arm & gimme!~
~harsh as bird-speak~
~they jabber & jab~
~point with the stump~
~of a once-thieving hand~
~children watching~

~children sleeping~
~whose lives have learned~
~to ally the night~
~where if luck has provided~
~a handful of crumbs~
~to hold them close~
~in dark houses~
~with one eye open~
~await the dawn~
~children sleeping~

~children alive~
~of moment, of whim~
~dim providence provides~
~masks for the blind~
~shoes for the footless~
~band-aids for the starving~
~stick-gum handed out~
~by blue-eyed men in khaki~
~arms at rest~
~children alive~

~children dying~
~a dark awareness~
~enters their eyes~
~replaces their vibrant~
~innocence at once~
~with a yellow pus disease~
~of war & hate~
~gods & stick men~
~have denied them~
~cold steel in their hands~
~hot vengeance in their hearts~
~those whom survive are~
~children dying~

© artwork, music & words conceived by
& property of tom (WordWulf) sterner 2014©
~inquiries: wordwulf@gmail.com
~above & beyond~ was published in 2009 by Howling Dog Press


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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