~spiders ‘n snakes~ the opening chronicle in the saga, Madman Chronicles: The Warrior

~spiders ‘n snakes~ is the opening chronicle in the saga, Madman Chronicles: The Warrior. Dragon riders gather to bury the dead at the culmination of a five-year apocalyptic world war. And the dead are many. They fill vehicles and buildings in every stage of decomposition. They’re steam-shoveled into piles, dumped into manmade canals then set on fire.

War refuses to stop, driven by monsters from the top. Wulf, Leader of Lords of the Dragon, an armed and mounted society of warriors, descends into the earth on a mission to discover a place to take his people, where they might enjoy life with their families and finally be rid of the manifest destiny shoved down their throats by prevailing world governments.

His people are comprised mostly of the lower echelons of society, minorities, 1%er outlaws, the poor and insignificant. They are the ones who fight wars and, in the case of The Great Conflict, have paid the blood and guts price when politics got out of hand and the wiggly wobbly top spun into chaos. Having survived the war, they recognize a tiny window of opportunity.

So Wulf ventures into the labyrinth, a torturous system of tunnels and chambers deep in the earth. There he faces mutant creatures, the horrifying discovery of an underground arena used by a society from the past to commit atrocities including suicide by lottery, human sacrifice and infanticide.

When he escapes the labyrinth, Wulf goes into the city as part of a commission to consider a treaty offered by the government. He faces the unfeasible intrigue of allies and authors of treaties. Nobody in the room senses the climber pounding through the earth. Wulf blabbers and drools, makes a fool of himself in a room full of neckties, to battle the assassin and block its way. The steppenwulf facet of himself, the vampire he denies, slams him down to save his man self and explodes into action.


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©2014 graphic artwork music & words

conceived by & property of

tom (WordWulf) sterner 2014©

~what readers are saying about ~spiders ‘n snakes~


~Received the MadMan Chronicles Friday, have gotten ½ way thru and I can’t put it down. Not sure if I’m scared, enthralled or just fascinated. Please thank Tom for me.~


~This is not a book you can skim. The author vibrantly interweaves creativity, intensity and exquisite detail. Mr. Sterner also provides music that may be downloaded from his site that correlates to the chapters in the book. A unique concept that should not be missed by the reader.~


~What a ride! I couldn’t put it down! The characters are so real that you feel what they feel as if you’re one of them (you definitely want to be). This novel keeps you on your toes anxiously waiting for what will happen next! You’ll ride a rollercoaster of emotions from cheering to crying! Thanks to this thrill ride I’ve been to the Great Stone Mountains, the family Wulf spiritual ground, and felt the hope of After Earth. Read this novel and you’ll have been there too! I can’t wait for the next one! To the author…Word! Wulf!~


~An epic and compelling adventure. An artful blending of motorcycles and the unique souls who ride them, clashing cultures, family love, the loyalty and honor of friends, stunning betrayals, and inconceivable evil all swirling in a land teetering between apocalypses.~


~Author/Poet Sterner’s novel is a futuristic shocker containing something for everyone. This excellent work of fiction will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued to it’s pages from start to finish. Join Sterner in this wild ride through the bat and giant spider infested caves of THE LABYRINTH or the beauty of AFTER EARTH. Walk walls with Wulf and Andrew or leap into a soul or two with The Patron. Enjoy the cajun humor of Angelo or the eroticism of Lila and beauty of Jennifer. Cry, laugh, love and sing with the entire cast of characters or just fly through Vera’s world of Cyberspace. Whatever your preference you are truly in for the treat of a lifetime. This novel is definitely an outstanding read.~


~You will absolutely marvel as you join Wulf in his action packed journey in the not so distant future. Witness the heroics as him and his comrade the Cajun, Angelo perform heroic feats and obstacles. This book is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat just waiting to turn the page. The details make you feel as if you are right there living this adventure with our new found friend Wulf. Thomas Sterner shows great talent and skill in his writings. This is most definitely a book you will want to read again and again!!~


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