~eyes o’ wonder/line of sight~


~these eyes have watched~

~the spring grass blowing~

~they have tossed~

~& turned the clouds of afternoon~

~into images of~

~summer on the way~

~we are passing~

~we are going~

~& the zephyr it is blowing~

~it is gentle~

~in the evening~


~these eyes have closed~

~with worry under lashes~

~they have spilled~

~their tears when laughing~

~there is nothing they can’t see~

~nothing we can’t do~

~when we’re ready~

~when we’re going~

~we are lying in the grass~

~we are angels on the ground~

~we fall down laughing~


~these eyes have opened~

~they have wondered~

~the horizon~

~loved the eyes beside them~

~they have winked into the dawn~

~closed themselves away~

~found a path across the room~

~& gone walking~

~through blowing blades of grass~

~to the only one they knew~

~would come to find them~


© artwork, music & words conceived by & property of tom (WordWulf) sterner ©


~inquiries: wordwulf@wordwulf.com

~published by Hudson Review 2009~



About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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One Response to ~eyes o’ wonder/line of sight~

  1. With joy and love I read your poems ..lighted by the eyes of a child. Very much honoured to become one of your friends and much obliged of you as a faithful reader of my writings . I thank you here for your nice comments and for your lovely share and will see you again on our other spot in the ether.. Kerstin

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