~for madmen only~

~steppenwulf~ X
~woke up in the morning~
~got up off my back~
~hungry for that woman~
~woman wearing black~
~her labyrinth of chaos~
~dark suffering & pain~
~freedom is death experience~
~magick blood & rain~
~for madmen only
~ninety & nine~
~ah madmen only~
~women death & wine~

~went round to the dance hall~
~sign was on the door~
~said entrance not for everyone~
~just madmen wolves & whores~
~the shrill & blood raw music~
~led me to her wheels~
~the devil took my spirit~
~bankrupted my ideals~
~for madmen only~
~wheels born to grind~
~ah madmen only~
~women death & wine wine wine~
~wine wine wine wine wine wi-ine~
~ah come on honey~

(Instrumental break)

~the lone wolves & poor devils~
~let us have the room~
~my lover was on fire fire fire~
~& fire was her doom~
~she stole away my conscience~
~ripped away my will~
~when she finished feasting~
~I moved in for the kill~
~I know that’s why she called me~
~a wolf to love & hate hate~
~death’s scent was on her heavy~
~my blood teeth sealed her fate~

~for madmen only~
~bleeding for all time~
~ah madmen only~
~women death & wine~
~for madmen only~
~devour the bottom line~
~yeah madmen only~
~women death & wine~

~howl madman & go out of your mind~

inquiries: wordwulf@gmail.com
© artwork music & words conceived by
& property of tom (wordwulf) sterner ©


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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