~folks plain & good~

~edge~ X
~sometimes roaming~
~learning secrets~
~developing habits~
~protective of my space in crowds~
~a lobo & a lamb chop~
~community possessions~
~legitimate assemblage~
~the questionable integrity of strangers all~
~folks plain & good~ X
~good night last~
~drinks & conversation~
~with friends of my wife~
~good common folk~

~I asked the lady of the house~
~where a man might take a leak~
~she offered to show me to the restroom~
~or if it was to my liking~
~I could go to the back of the yard~
~& pee off the bridge~
~her husband built over the stream~
~next to the dog run~
~I am a man who loves to pee off bridges~
~I confess~
~shepherds~ X
~the folks’ german shepherd pups~
~came up to the fence when she left~
~buried their noses in my free hand~
~never had the pleasure of better company~
~while relieving myself~

~the husband~
~a good stout contemplative man~
~had built the house with his own hands~
~his parents had lived & raised him~
~in a house where the front yard was located now~
~the folks’ son was a sturdy young man of nineteen~
~there was no need for public display~
~hugs & kisses & the like~
~the spirit of family~
~patience & respect for hard work~
~shined through~
~a perfect circle joining them~
~sunlight & shadow~
~just right~

~we enjoyed a chuckle when someone asked the man~
~when he finished building the house~
~he sipped his beer thoughtfully~
~I think it was 1990~
~the lady, his wife, was a good laugher & she did so~
~uproariously at her husband~
~it was 1999~
~what are you thinking~

~it would be pleasantly easy~
~to spend & lose a decade
~in the presence of such folk as these~
~I miss ‘em already~
~& I am not yet gone~

Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com & wordwulf@wordwulf.com
© artwork & words conceived by & property of
Tom (WordWulf) Sterner ©


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