~reptilian creed/hoodoo~

~reptilian creed~

~we wake up like that~
~young in the room~
~dragged out the womb~
~aware of scratching~
~under the bed~
~waiting in the closet~
~crawling in our head~

~we end up like that~
~older ‘n the moon~
~forgotten soon~
~ain’t no inbetween~
~the fresh & the dead~
~a foot outside momma~
~price on your head~

~reptilian creed~

~from the mouths of our fathers~
~we first hear of it~
~witness the hunger for the hunt~
~a mute inclination to slay~
~kill to feed to kill~
~bait & stalk dominate~
~daddy teeth hidden behind lips~
~exposed when they encourage us~

~“say da-da, c’mere lemme hold you”~

~it is in the jingle of their keys~
~pocketknife & loose change~
~faint traces of tobacco breath~
~whiskey junk & grass~

~“there’s two ways in~
~child o’ mine~
~daddy’s got ‘em both covered”~

~hoodoo’s wakin’~
~you feel it in your belly~
~under the bed stinking~
~it’s a bad thing the worst~
~hot stinging piss running down your legs~



~with her moist offering nuzzle & nipple~
~our first taste of nourishment freedom~
~drinking the blood of an other~
~she introduces us to the power of mother~
~we wonder in awe as we grow~
~forget what we knew learn to think~
~how is it from that body I came~
~she rocks us the mother~
~our heads on her bosom~
~where we will always hunger to be~
~crazy as a bug in a rug~
~worthless as tits on a boar~
~then the weaning & pushing away~
~aggressive abandonment~
~handing us over to independence~
~to our own devices~
~greedy appetites~
~hoodoo is raging~
~bestial vengeful & deprived~
~desperate to devour~
~starving to own~



~hunters & fisherwomen~
~proud we hold our heads up ignorant~
~strut & hump our way through~
~struggle with the impossibility of the ends~
~aware & bitchy damned mercenary when we got one covered~
~that the means to do so leaves another wide open~
~daddy can’t stop ‘em never could~
~damn fool they’re comin’ in~
~we bait our hooks & load our guns~
~butcher & slaughter our way through~
~there are those suggest we aspire to a higher order~
~tie our flies & display them as art~
~visualize some archaic rank order of ascendancy~
~do away with all our instruments of butchery~
~deny the hoodoo its due~
~not a chance~
~this hell on earth~
~the hoodoo hears them~
~claims them~
~names them~

Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com
& wordwulf@wordwulf.com
©artwork & words conceived by & property of
Tom (WordWulf) Sterner©


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wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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