~what’s the bum on the sidewalk~
~face smooshed against the window~
~got to do with it~
~licking her lips~
~watching you eat~
~slobbering on herself~
~you push your plate back~
~ask for a doggy bag~
~empty the table into it~
~a sprinkle of coin from your pocket~
~drop the whole mess in a trash receptacle~
~make the bum work for it~
~like you did~

{1000 days~day 981}

~air conditioning & traffic~
~lamentations of the damned~
~outside looking in~
~cardboard signs & weeping~
~sailors on the tarmac~
~gimme gimme~
~I’m homeless, gimme~
~a dollar~
~an oar~
~they’re going around~
~circles & dimes~

Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com & wordwulf@wordwulf.com
© artwork & words conceived by & property of Tom (WordWulf) Sterner ©


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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