~ins & outs~

~ins & outs~

~the ins are in~
~the outs are out~
~a loud car roars by~
~sets off alarms~
~in the bodies of its contemporaries~
~a siren far off~
~people explode from houses~
~cursing the loud car~
~too fast & long gone~
~they click-click with one hand~
~to quiet their shrieking honking beasts~
~shove the other in the air~
~stiff middle fingering~
~nothing more or less~

~the ins are bragging~
~followers following~
~hangers-on hanging~
~the outs are complaining~
~accusing fingers pointing~
~howling for the blood of the ins~
~an airplane chugging across the sky~
~competes with the chop-chop~
~of a police helicopter~
~you don’t notice they’re gone~
~until the lesser dins of dogs barking~
~neighbors’ doors slamming~
~children wailing~
~a boom-box car bouncing by~
~the thump-thump of your blood~
~edgy & ill-found in this new rome~
~gifted in the sense that your ground~
~is not on the list of targets~
~too damned close to home~
~big brother come kill your dogs~
~you too if you put up a fight~
~there’s a metal tag number-stamped~
~on your jacket~
~in your file~
~closer to you than the bubblegum in your pocket~

~the ins have agendas~
~power breakfasts~
~carefully planned spontaneous appearances
~the outs have upsets planned~
~pro-choice & gay doings~
~hell-bent for election~
~tricky forthright promises~
~you can have whatever ya want~
~these dogs have set up a riot~
~yipping & yapping~
~snarling & growling~
~at each other~
~with each other~
~suffering a stentorian auditory assault~
~above & beyond my range of hearing~
~driving them mad one by one~
~joining them in tumultuous behavior~
~they are united~
~divided & determined~

~the ins are sorting themselves out~
~obliterating bad cards from the deck~
~seeking fresh alliances~
~the outs are ever recruiting~
~celebrating previously lost causes~
~born again resurrected~
~whatever happens in vegas stays in vegas~
~changing their ties~
~that chug-chug airplane~
~is towing a banner~
~a paid advertisement over the tops of the trees~
~through the hazy lazy skies~
~this first day of autumn~
~vote for/don’t vote for~
~I tell the dogs to shut the fuck up~
~bedeviled when they obey~
~it ain’t me~
~the annoying wasp with the fluttering tail has drifted past~
~facebook “friends” are drawing lines~
~in the electronic internet sand~
~beaches of the social media ocean~
~threatening to “unfriend” & “report”~
~those who don’t support their causes~
~& have the audacity to “post” an opposing opinion~
~related to politics religion~
~gender bias cheerios whatever~
~a baying mad dog~
~I am fascinated by the idea~
~of being communicated to death~
~postured out of ones mind~
~by these nipping hoardes~
~locusts hitch-hiking the trade-winds~
~listen to me grasshopper~
~election year in the USA~
~the ins are in~
~the outs are out~
~so it will be~
~when all is said & done~

~a wounded thing~
~I have been~
~driven to ground~
~amidst raucous noise~
~a keening pandemonium no one else seems to hear~
~each talking mouth in the crowd is unique~
~in its mad rush to be the same~
~the hell they are~

~post note~

~more than six decades of living behind us~
~my brother stopped by recently~
~requested that I stand second for him~
~in the when & if of his predisposition~
~to commit suicide~
~over a woman~
~over a lifetime of women~
~having analyzed the synthetic progress~
~of my fellowmen & women~
~ins & outs all my life~
~I understood I could not be my brother’s keeper~
~agreed to be his slayer~

Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com
& wordwulf@wordwulf.com
©artwork & words conceived by & property of
Tom (WordWulf) Sterner©


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