~comin’ down easy~

~comin’ down easy~
{the 8th day}

~what began well over a thousand days ago~
~the scribbles in this book~
~a self-imposed lonely sojourn~
~away from all known comfort & peace~
~fourteen hundred miles from home~
~I found the bottom of myself~
~the broken-spirited wanderer~
~I had become & possibly~
~breaking at depths never fathomed~

~the passing of time changes one~
~I laughed yesterday~
~when someone on face book posted~
~”mirror mirror on the wall~
~what the hell happened?”~
~I must be stronger now~
~I have survived~
~rediscovered the ability to laugh at myself~
~I am a man going home~

~I will only ever leave again~
~when the life of this body ceases~
~my children know my name~
~& one or two others~
~these I am thankful for~
~& spirit-speak whenever I am able~
~I have been taught what is love & what is not~
~difficult because it is so damned simple~

Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com & wordwulf@wordwulf.com
© artwork & words conceived by & property of
Zedidiah & Tom (WordWulf) Sterner ©


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