~thinking about my music~
~unsure whether it was the~
~crowning glory of my youth~
~or the toilet it was swallowed by~

~there are warts on their skin now~
~dragon nail breath~
~those fresh songs far away~
~momma used to come dance to my voice~
~first she stopped dancing~
~then she ceased to live~
~or was it the other way around~

~those little girls~
~my daughters~
~who used to sing all my songs~
~have children of their own~
~husbands & careers~
~my boyz make their own music~

~stoned damned markers in our lives~
~deaths of parents~
~assassinated politicians~
~elections & hurricanes~
~life experiences that bind us~
~a sense of purpose & expectations~
~of ourselves & others~
~canned laughter from the tv room~
~makes about as much sense~

~other than duplicity~
~there is no actuality~
~audiences expect to hear & see~
~experience a secondhand reality~
~what they are programmed to be~
~comfortable with~
~hot & ready to do that thing~
~everybody’s talkin’ about~
~whatever the hell it is~
~the room was empty~
~when the pretenders left~
~nearly as empty as before~

~are the only liars~
~who earn their keep~

Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com & wordwulf@wordwulf.com
© artwork & words conceived by & property of Tom (WordWulf) Sterner ©


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wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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