~Kathy & me~

~as a man working the soil~

~so I appreciate my daughters & sons~

~imagine a friend for life~

~that is a long time~

~& so the five of them are~

~imagine the harvest perpetuating itself~

~so it has~

~further gifted with a partner to share the love~

~complete the circle~


~so it is done~

~a joy to keep – a~


~I used to get aggravated on holidays~

~trying to choose the right gift~

~something special for loved ones~

~telling them not to worry about me~

~my agitation was sorely exasperated~

~if I happened to be broke at the time~

~never seemed to have enough money or credit~

~to cut loose & buy whatever I chose~

~I confess I was as excited as everyone else~

~{except the children}~

~wondering what was in that package with my name on it~

~my folks have long been gone~

~{is there anyone left who refers to their parents as folks}~

~siblings blown away/scattered by the winds of life~

~as if they exist in another realm of time & space~

~as do I in my tower of word~

~I have lived long enough now~

~experienced the big ol’ world~

~seen folks alone~

~all the way alone~

~yeah, those folks & others~

~in alleys & penthouses~

~islands adrift in wandering crowds~

~I ain’t easy to know & I know it ain’t easy~

~through all the struggles of this life~

~there has always been someone who cared for me~

~there to pick me up & know~

~when to turn away & let me go~

~my mother first & children~

~before & when she passed away~

~we held one another always~

~starving & laughing~

~feasting & weeping~

~round the family camp our fire~


~when they place a gift in my hand~

~are likely to see a tear~

~a smile visiting my lips~

~what greater gift is this love~

~I have always held~

~& a tear for those who don’t~

~a weighty pride to bear alone~

~that hunger to reminisce & share~

~the good love for the little ones~

~& their folks who were my little ones~

~I slept with a ghost who knew these parts of me~

~she listened & never complained that I kept her awake~

~she seldom slept & neither did I~

~I treasured her existence & promised myself~

~to always be loyal & true to her~

~that one day she would answer~

~hold my hand & kiss my face~

~be folks with me & one day it was so~

~this is for Kathy~

~my treasure, my wife~

~the unexpected joy~

~she has brought to my life~



Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com

& wordwulf@wordwulf.com

©artwork & words conceived by & property of

Tom (WordWulf) Sterner©


About wordwulf

wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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