~XIII. Morning Voices/Music~

~soon after the turn of the century~
~Quodlibet won the Marija Cerjak award~
~for avant-garde/experimental writing~

~The Hundred Bites~

~early mornings~
~I would get up & walk across the road~
~half a mile or so~
~she’d have the coffee hot~
~having arisen before the sun~
~to feed her bawling maverick calves~
~some days I’d stand back & watch~
~listen to her talk to them~
~the critters she would rescue~
~then we’d share a cup or two~
~before a hard day of ranch work~
~in the red dirt Wyoming~
~I would trade a thousand tomorrows~
~right now~
~for one of those yesterdays with her~

~XIII. Morning Voices/Music~

~a child playing~
~a man listening~
~ladies clinking coffee cups~
~the long leather of his weathered face~
~their graceful laughter~
~almost genteel~
~still the child’s fingers play~
~sorrow & gladness ride the man’s features~
~a lone tear slides down his cheek~
~stops to rest on the lips of his smile~
~what symphony of life this~
~such joy of morning living~
~instance of rapture simplified~
~complicity of random blessed event~

Inquiries: tracy@traceliteraryagency.com
& wordwulf@wordwulf.com
©artwork & words conceived by & property of
Tom (WordWulf) Sterner©
Quodlibet was published by Howling Dog Press


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wordwulf@gmail.com website: http://wordwulf.com
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