~is a dream the night when sleep won’t come~
~the day after the day after~nightmare existence~
~shadow candle flame~drifted off with a pen in my vein~
~awoke needles in my eyes~blood is a hard master~


~pushing words away~
~lest they eat my sleep~
~become the only part of me~
~devour those golden hours~
~which amount to the rest of me~
~yes away with dreams and all that seems~
~possessed to make an end of me~

~anesthesia is an art~
~to which I might at once lay claim~
~a shallow grave divided~
~I might just lie between~
~some token awareness~
~which came first~
~the egg or the bean~
~blackout describes the best-held dreams~

~I lit a candle to threaten the stars~
~but nobody’s laughing in this wayward place~
~would someone put out the light~
~stop this ringing in my ears~
~I am not afraid of the night~
~but see what is done in the light of day~
~no don’t take my candle away~



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