~Into Black~

~I may tell a little lie to the night~I may~cry a cup of tears~
~yes I might~I may be sad but don’t you worry~
~there are times we have had~they’re the best I ever knew~
~& I may yet tip a cup with you~

~Into Black~

~was a time when words did carry~
~notions of love from yours to mine~
~it even saw the lovers marry~
~mine to yours and yours to mine~
~& many a soft glass of wine~
~was spilled and drank inside the walls~
~joyous parties and happy times~
~they touched us, touched us, one and all~
~I heard you hearing, going back~
~I saw you seeing into black~
~into black~

~in quiet repose the mistress fell~
~& yet she did not fall alone~
~the earth shook as she went to hell~
~still I can t find her in my home~
~oh oh, she surely used to come to see~
~& happily drink this tainted wine~
~she knew someday that she would be~
~mine to yours & yours to mine~
~I felt her as she felt the rack~
~she kissed me~
~then turned into black~
~into black~

~I remember how the dying went~
~the howling wind whispering please~
~our life s blood was spilled & spent~
~the times had brought us to our knees~
~when cousins married cousins there~
~from out the bottom of the line~
~I heard the begging in your stare~
~mine to yours & yours to mine~
~I said we burned the bodies and we hid the facts~
~you know we turned them into black – Into black~

~tomorrow’s sun still shines today~
~yesterday’s sun is in your eyes~
~all death’s children have come to play~
~& steal that garden in the sky~
~see they re empty behind the masques~
~shivering coldness in their breath~
~they answer what we’d never ask~
~& laugh themselves from life to death~
~are the soldiers coming back~
~see them, free them, into black~
~Into black~
~see them begging into black~
~into black~
~see them~
~free them~
~into black~

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