~Whither Go Watching~

~when the final dance is over~
~I’ll be holding up the wall~
~with these eyes, a thousand candles~
~years passing down the hall~
~I see you in your soft gown~
~wings of eternal lace~
~in a pirouette never-ending~
~your fall through the fingers of grace~

~when the last grave has been filled~
~I will stand me aside with my spade~
~bite down through layers of dust~
~lost civilizations have made~
~I will kiss your skin through a candle~
~ashes and blood of your name~
~with lips of ten thousand lovers~
~godforsaken and soon to be slain~

~when the tide is a weeping of rivers~
~flames, a face on the sand~
~I will shed my garment, reveal~
~at last and for once who I am~
~Children, awake in the forest~
~wander a garden of moon~
~sleep, as earth is your cradle~
~held in a moment of lune~



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