~Little Jesus~




~they sat in a circle~the two of them~theirs was a shared awareness of no thing~infinite possibilities~a vision of Lords dansed between them~will of Creator~wisp of essence~incapable of boredom~with some sense of humor~a combined energy~given birth the moment~


~the principled father~
~mother of purity~
~absence of vanity~
~sincerity of purpose~
~all things humane~
~freedom at any cost~
~safety in numbers~
~glory in defeat~
~atonement of sin~
~pity as pacifier~
~normal assemblage~
~benevolence of royalty~
~holiness of priests~
~the erect politician~
~moral policeman~
~singular motive~
~best intentions~
~chaste kisses~
~government promise~
~lap of luxury~
~sincere beggar~
~sex for sex sake~
~love for sex sake~

~heaven sake~
~reconciled victim~
~rehabilitated rapist~
~whenever ‘I’m sorry’~
~love other than self~
~existence oases~
~a dignified death~
~sincere amnesty~
~this bears repetition~
~this bears repetition~

~this bears repetition~
~art for art’s sake~
~man in Gods’ image~
~woman as reward~
~honorific recognition~
~original sin~
~any reference to aeon~
~distance as love bait~
~I won’t hurt you~

~&my dog doesn’t bite~
~obvious intentions~
~light of day~
~light of night~
~wise men~
~animals as speaking idiots~
~other than human~
~shared prosperity~
~faith in dervish~
~sanity of justice~
~welfare Cadillac~
~clean water~
~drug counselor~
~psychological awareness~
~social security~
~hope for the poor~
~foundation of family~
~driving on the telephone~
~green peace~
~war on drugs~
~capital expenditures~
~common sense~
~lifetime warranty~
~satisfaction guaranteed~
~customer service~
~free rent~
~damage deposit~
~christian forgiveness~
~the open sea~
~dumb animals~
~good guys & bad guys~
~them & us~
~clean living~
~winners & losers~
~a free ride~
~one square inch unpolluted~
~relief valve~
~escape key~
~any true witness~
~other than chaos~
~normal behavior~
~square corners~
~outer limits~
~inner peace~
~immaculate conception~
~protective custody~
~a round tuit~
~acceptable losses~
~the flying man~
~death of gods~
~age of reason~
~missionary largesse~
~preventative medicine~
~innocent until~
~free will~
~human connection~
~mated for life~
~funereal disguise~
~bread winners~
~non combative personality~
~organized religion~
~a striving toward normalcy~
~process of elimination~
~running stool~
~amicable reconciliation~
~affordable housing~
~good drivers~
~critical mass~
~high priest~
~drug lord~
~dutiful wife~
~eclectic taste~
~the third breast~
~idle conversation~
~state of unrest~
~state of Colorado~
~state of being~
~merciful heaven~
~absolution of sin~
~war & peace~
~battle mockup~
~unadulterated flesh~
~season of plenty~
~life on far planets~
~this one in particular~
~backup system~
~angels & hat men~
~ladies of the night~
~accidental collusion~
~intentional chaos~
~will to power~
~wont to shame~
~acronymic truth~
~prison politic~
~unequivocal device~
~prayer endings amen~
~random violence~
~any number of senses~
~innocence lost~
~a shovel full of eden~
~plastered in Paris~
~father as bitch~
~same gender parents~
~man as god~
~holy remembrance~
~holy cow~
~mythical union~
~forward thinkers~
~successful committee~
~I didn’t mean to~
~a bad seed~
~the good son~
~homing pigeons~
~christ on a toothpick~
~sincere prostitute~

~honest john~
~solemn oath~


They sat in a circle, the two of them.  Theirs was a shared awareness of no thing.  Infinite possibilities, a vision of Lords dansed between them, will of Creator, wisp of essence.  Incapable of boredom, with some sense of humor, a combined energy, was given birth the moment.

Having no sense of entitlement, not only did they not name the child…  Time, it was loosed, allowed a will of its own.  These of the circle yawned as their child adopted a spiracle tone, wrapped itself in universe, mad inventions of its own.  These created made a terrible howling and the parents, annoyed by the child’s noisome toys, allowed the two-sided circle to close.  Thus were erected the heir apparent and errant parent.


This spoiled child, angry and alone, playing in the blood of its mud, began to manufacture discontent and a creature whose image mirrored what it imagined it might be, given mortality and physical form.  These chose to idolize themselves and porcelain gods in their image.


The child, Time, swore a fury of vengeance upon these it had made, that they would wither away, face all ways a declining and decrepit flesh, hunger ever more for youth as Time itself devoured all before and about them.


Finally each moment was named for this merciless master.  The hollow spheres of its kingdom were erected temples owned in the name given the master and that name was GOD.


fidelity of flesh
unintentional idol
death after life…





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