~Day 992~Chords Drawn~

~Day 992~Chords Drawn~.

~1000 Days~

~Day 992~

~Chords Drawn~


~I caught myself singing~

~a praying mantis listening

~thankful that gods~

~have a sense of humor~

~& insects no predisposition~

~to what is cool~

~there is death in the music of the fool~

~I drank deep of it~

~in the whiskey rooms of my youth~

~hung my hopes upon~

~it didn’t wear them well~

~an idiot dreamer~

~midnight schemer~

~I howled myself hoarse~


~Wild Thing~

~Oh Suzy-Q~

~life is a lullaby~

~a blending of voices & spirits~

~ghost thing come visit a man~

~glad & not too late~





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